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Call for Experts

The European automotive industry faces today several challenges that force companies and especially SMEs, to innovate and optimise production and processes to ensure their future competitiveness. In this context, the EACN initiative aims to promote the development of joint projects, where these companies can find solutions to common needs, sharing costs and taking advantage of synergies. In the framework of matchmaking events, we could link SMEs with similar problems and work in the definition of the joint projects described below. In this section, we look for experts who can give technical assistance to SMEs and guide them for the successful development of their projects.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This call for experts is already closed. In case other projects arise we will publish here all the information about them and a new process will be opened to receive applications.

An integrated data management system for efficient planning, controlling and optimising flexible small series production processes

Elasticity of production processes

Implementation of an integrated data management system in which data from machinery is gathered, MES and ERP are integrated and/or APS software is available, appropriate communication tools (panel, tablet, PC, phone) are at the disposal of the operators to deliver data to the system and to receive feedback from the system, with the aim to secure efficient planning, controlling and optimising flexible small series production processes.

Artificial Intelligence and soft touch solutions for robotics in automotive SMEs

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in production processes

Development of a robot workstation for chaotic picking, cutting, trimming, grinding, drilling operations for small series parts. The companies involved in the project will try to set up a demonstrator appropriate to each specific process. The common interest lays in the development of a solution in soft-touch operations and quick machine learning by applying new image recognition technologies.

Improving productivity and product quality through applying cobots in assembly processes

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in production processes

The aim of the project is to increase productivity and product quality (less waste) by way of introducing one or more cobots providing assembly operations together with operators for a portfolio of components. The cobots should be easily programmable and configurable according to the requirements of several projects.